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Sea, mountains, hills, endless sandy beaches and Mediterranean flora perfectly describe the attraction of Versilia.

In the collective consciousness it is always synonymous with tourism and light-heartedness, but also with culture, nature and worldliness.

Located along the coastal belt of Tuscany, thanks to its historical and environmental destinations and a mild climate, Versilia allows the tourist enjoy plenty of beaches suitable for bathing as well as the luxurious hinterland of the Alpi Apuane mountains, with fascinating medieval churches, villages and archaeological sites – all of it beautifully framed between protected areas and national parks.

Firmly linked to the resources of the territory, L’Alta Versilia (High Versilia), thanks to the quarrying and working of marble and the presence of bronze foundries, has made the town of Pietrasanta a Mecca for artists such as Moore, Botero, Pomodoro, Cascella and Kan Yasuda – visitors to the artisan workshops in which expert hands have worked for centuries to pass on the secrets of the art of sculpture.

Versilia also offers important events which range from the famous Viareggio Carnival to the Festival of Puccini and the Versilia Festival.