Foto della zona


The Garfagnana, as an 18thcentury scholar once wrote, “is a fortress full of other fortresses” because of its natural and man-made defences.

It has been defined by many as a little Tuscan Switzerland for its mountains, woods and the hard-working nature of its inhabitants.

Characterized by a green valley to the North of the river Serchio, the Garfagnana is sandwiched between the Alpi Apuane mountains to the West and the TuscanEmilian Apennines to the East.

Protected by the mountains and rich in chestnut and beech woods, it offers a very varied landscape in stark contrast to the classic soft, undulating Tuscan hillsides.

The rich heritage of nature and landscapes, comprised and protected in large part by the TuscanEmilian Apennine National Park, makes a superb destination for hiking enthusiasts.

The difficulty in accessing the area has helped conserve history, traditions and customs which would probably otherwise have disappeared.

Romantic and picturesque in the autumn, evocative in the winter, stimulating in the spring and restful in the summer, the Garfagnana offers not just green mountain scenery but also an interesting urban fabric, rich in content and activity.