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Valle del Serchio

Beautiful and inaccessible, mysterious and sunny, the Serchio valley takes its name from the river which follows its entire length, and into whose waters pour thousands of little streams which give rise to deep gorges.

It’s a hidden corner of Tuscany, tight between the soft green relief of the Apennines and the foothills of the Alpi Apuane mountains, rugged and rich in karstic features.

Because of its strategic position this land has been the subject of numerous terrible invasions: from the Ligurians to the Romans, the Longobardi to the Lucchesi, the Florentines to the Estensi.

Today it offers numerous historical and artistic attractions of note, as witnessed by the Teatro dei Differenti at Barga which goes back to 1600, the house/museum of Giovanni Pascoli, which he chose as his home in 1895 and which saw the birth of many of his works.

The Serchio valley has a total area of 207 sq km with a population of 23,000 inhabitants and includes the town councils of Barga, Borgo a Mozzano, Coreglia Antelminelli and Fabbriche di Vallico.