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700 g of pig’s liver • 350 g of rete (membrane from pig’s intestine, such as pig’s caul) • 2/3 cloves of garlic • a few sprigs of flowering wild fennel • 5/6 spoonfuls of bread-crumbs - a little white wine• a few leaves of sage - extra virgin olive oil • salt and pepper to taste.


Finely chop the garlic, a few leaves of sage and 1 flower of wild fennel. Add breadcrumbs, salt and pepper and mix carefully. Separately, chop the liver into more or less egg-sized pieces. Roll them in the seasoning that you have just prepared and wrap them up in the rete, which has been softened in warm water to make it flexible. Pack the fegatelli in the rete with the wild fennel, a little bit for each fegatello. Put them to cook in baking tray with a little extra virgin olive oil, at high heat for 15 or 20 minutes. When they are nearly cooked splash in some white wine, let it cook off and serve the fegatelli very hot.

Olio consigliato

This dish needs an oil of intense fruitiness to deal with the complex tastes of the liver and fennel.

Vino suggerito

Cabernet Sauvignon or Merlot, as an alternative to the more common and readily available wines. Also a Syrah, a traditional variety around Lucca, represents a combination worth trying.