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Ingredients for 6 people

1 kg of dried beans 80 g of pancetta (bacon), rolled in 2 thick slices herbs to taste : borage, chives, etc. 80 g of parsley 2 medium leeks 250 g of pumpkin 3 potatoes 2 medium white cabbages 3 bunches of black cabbage 3 courgettes 2 bunches
of basil 2 bunches of thyme 2 carrots 4 sticks of celery 1 large red onion some cloves of garlic chillies 3 glasses of extra virgin olive oil fennel seeds 6/7 cubes of stale bread per portion - salt and pepper to taste.


Put all the vegetables and the aromatic herbs, chopped coarsely, into a pan. Add the oil and once the vegetables are soft add 3?4 of the beans, previously cooked and pureed. The other quarter of the beans is to be added without being pureed. Top up the pan with water according to the thickness of soup you want. Make sure the vegetables are all cooked and pour the soup into a bowl, over a layer of bread chopped into cubes. Wait for the bread to soften and absorb the broth and serve hot, adding a drizzle of olive oil.

Olio consigliato

Use an oil of medium fruitiness, avoiding any with too strong a flavour which could contrast too much with the taste of the vegetables.

Vino suggerito

A pleasant white Colline Lucchesi or Montecarlo, as long as it is reasonably structured and aged in wood for at least 12 months.