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Bridges in Time

Bridges in Time

Towards beauty and flawours.
Alta Versilia - GarfagnanaValle del Serchio - Tuscany

Bridges in Time” is a regional marketing project created for the promotion of the mountainous rural territory of the province of Lucca-Alta Versilia, Garfagnana and the Serchio valley, splendid areas enclosed by the Alpi Apuane and Apennine mountains.

Under the brand “Bridges in Time”, exhibitions of local produce, gastronomic events, tourism, arts, culture, folklore and all the traditions of the area have been organised and communicated to the general public.

logo1Each year a pamphlet is published containing the monthly timetable of events which enhance the value of tourist itineraries, traditions and typical local produce (chestnuts, farro (spelt), pigs, mushrooms, honey, etc.) of this splendid area which is a treasure trove of flavours and traditional knowledge – the cradle of an ancient culture where the fatigue of working in the fields was alleviated above all by participation in the life of the community.

The aim therefore is to perfectly connect past and present, ancient traditions and local gastronomy, as visualised in the symbol of the bridge.

In a word to capture the real essence of fascinating lands which, through their history, have shared a unique cultural, environmental and architectural heritage.