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The Taste Network

The Taste Network

La Rete del Gusto is a project promoted by the Province of Lucca with the support of the Chamber of Commerce, the Mountain Communities and the Agricultural, Artisan and Commerce Associations to enhance and promote the consumption of quality local produce.

This basket of typical local products is comprised more than of 60 items which best represent the excellence and the agricultural and culinary tradition of all areas of the province of Lucca, from the sea to the mountains, via the plains and the hills.

The network currently comprises around 300 businesses including farming companies and agriturismi, restaurants, craftsmen and distributors.

Its aim is to bring together the local agricultural community and the end-users of the products in such a way as to facilitate a rediscovery of the gastronomic traditions and the flavours which constitute one of the jewels in the crown of the economy of the province of Lucca.