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The collective marque of the Traditional Bread of Altopascio

The collective marque of the Traditional Bread of Altopascio

With the Traditional Bread of Altopascio the Chamber of Commerce inaugurates the first collective marque of quality in the field of typical local foodstuffs.

Thanks to the ingredients and the precise rules regarding the production discipline these two elements differentiate the traditional bread of Altopascio from potential imitators and guarantee the consumer a high quality product.

Guaranteeing the control of the characteristics of the product within defined parameters is the consistency which is based on analytical tests and the process from which it derives.

Rendering the local products competitive on the domestic and international markets is thanksto the guarantees offered by the certification by an independent public body – an impartial body which is recognised for its technical competence and the pluralism of its component parts.

These are the principle purposes which inspired the much-requested collective marque of quality project by the Chamber of Commerce and the Town Council of Altopascio (promoter and co-financer), and by the relevant associations and the businesses in this sector.

logo1This initiative is in the context of a general marketing and value-enhancement drive in the territory and was started to meet the needs of qualifying the production, in particular of foodstuffs, and making clear and guaranteeing the qualitative characteristics of the products to the consumer.

Other than the initiative to certify the product, a number of parallel activities have been developed, which are none the less very important in their own right, such as the creation of a centre for documentation of the scientific aspect of bread, the recognition of Altopascio as the first city of bread and the constitution of the National Association “Città del Pane” (city of bread) with its headquarters in Altopascio, which comprises 31 Italian town councils.

Marchio collettivo del pane di Altopascio (Camera di Commercio di Lucca)