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Olive growing

Olive growing

Olive-growing has characterised, since ancient times, the province of Lucca: around the mid-15th century olive oil was defined as “necessary for man’s well-being” and a 19th century treatise about oil production considers that “the most famous oils for their finesse are those of Lucca which are very well-known abroad.

Alongside these are almost all the oils found in the region of Tuscany”.

This deeprooted tradition shows how valuable and typical olive-growing is, now more than ever, in the continuing quest to preserve an irreplaceable heritage.

The outstanding characteristics of Lucca’s olive oil have raised it to the level of a top food element, not only for its organoleptic qualities but also for the nutritional properties which contribute to a complete and healthy diet.

The term Olio extravergine “LUCCA” today means an olive oil produced in the geographic district of the province of Lucca, defined by the perimeter indicated in the map of the label “Denominazione Geografica Protetta” (Protected Geographical Indication).

This oil made unique by its perfect taste (yielded by perfectly ripe olives, and light bitter notes, due to the intensity of the fruity taste revealed), colour (golden yellow with green tints) and overall bouquet, so much so that many tasters who still come to the various production areas of Italy to buy oil for their companies, take home a sample of extra virgin oil from the “LUCCA” to use as a term of comparison.

Up to 90% of the olives used are from the FRANTOIO variety and up to 20% the LECCINO variety with lower percentages of PENDOLINO and MAURINO and other local minor varieties.

The importance of the olive oil “LUCCA” is finally confirmed by the European Community recognition of the note “Denominazione di Origine Protetta” (Protected Geographical Indication), published on the “Official Gazette of the European Community, 2004 October 22th.

This oil is so famous throughout the world that the Concise Oxford Dictionary defines it as “LUCCA OIL: superior quality of olive oil”, thus giving it the privileged position - unique among all the oils of the world - on a par with “COGNAC” or “CHAMPAGNE”.

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by P.Micheletti - Maria Pacini Fazzi Editore