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Strada del vino e dell’olio

Strada del vino e dell’olio

“La strada del vino e dell’olio” of Lucca, Montecarlo and Versilia constitues a tourist itinerary created to enhance the importance of the “Colline Lucchesi” and “Montecarlo” D.O.C. wines, the “Lucca” D.O.P. olive oil, the IGT wines as well as the historical villas, tourist facilities and accommodation operating within the area of the route.

All of this with the intention of promoting, within the scheme and together with local products, the beauty of our landscape and environment.

The “Road” offers an itinerary which goes through areas of rare beauty, nature trails rich in peasant tradition, 16th and 19th century villas of unequalled decadent beauty, hills bordered by centuries-old olive groves and vineyards, where the faith of past centuries has built churches and chapels with high bell towers.

The wine and oil road is a project coordinated by the province of Lucca and carried out together with the Chamber of Commerce of Lucca, the town councils of the Plain of Lucca and the Versilia, the Tourist Information Office, the consortia of Lucca D.O.C. wine and Lucca D.O.P. olive oil producers, and the olive growers associations, which comprises around 80 companies from farms, agriturismi and restaurants to artisan workshops.

It is in the agriturismo sector that the Road has its greatest significance, celebrating the combination of the Lucca countryside and the naturalness and goodness of the product.

The tourist/cultural route of the Road starts in the hills of the Versilia on the border with the province of Massa Carrara, proceeding with the olive-growing area in the district of Capannori, with the hilly area of Pieve Santo Stefano in the municipality of Lucca, with the hills of Matraia and San Gennaro in the municipality of Capannori, and finishing with Montecarlo, at the border with the province of Pistoia.

The mild climate, the exposure to the midday sun and the presence of high peaks which protect from the cold North wind, all contribute to production of a wine which is strong, healthy with a high sugar content and intense perfume.

Wine lovers will remember this land and its excellent products.

Lovers of olive oil can’t help but appreciate the distinctiveness of the Lucca D.O.P., characterized by an overall harmony between sweet and spicy notes which reflect the sweetness of the hills climate and climate.

The wine and oil also represent a chance to discover and get to know an area with a great historical, cultural and artistic heritage: from the splendid villas of Lucca – Villa Reale at Marlia, Villa Oliva and Villa Grabau at San Pancrazio, Villa Mansi at Segromigno, Villa Torrigiani at Camigliano, to the lovely ancient historical towns such as Montecarlo, which lays at the feet of the ancient (and intact) medieval fortress and which possesses a beautiful 18th century theatre, il Teatro dei Rassicurati, or Pietrasanta and Camaiore with their characteristic and renowned historical centres.

It is also an ideal route for a bike tour, to get to know a land where art and nature blend together in a rare harmony.

The tourists who follow the Road will find an excellent welcome, tourist information facilities and, as well as the wine and olive oil products which have characterised this wine road for centuries, the local artistic craftsmanship and the local dishes of the area.

The entire route of the wine and oil road, and the businesses which support it, are to be found at the web site www.stradavinoeoliolucca.it

Wine : A reflection of the beauty of Montecarlo and the hills of Lucca

A territory such as the province of Lucca, which expresses its own identity through the naturalness of its products, doesn’t neglect the value of viticulture especially when it is the reflection of the beauty of the hills of Lucca and Montecarlo.

”Colline Lucchesi” (hills of Lucca) and “Montecarlo” – these are the DOC denominations which have transformed a traditional local product into a vehicle to enhance the value of its territory of origin.

Two products, the wine of Montecarlo and the Hills of Lucca, of very different olfactory characteristics born of the particularities of their place of production, sharing a high level of quality – recognised and certified, bound to the natural wine-growing traditions of this area.

The two wines furthermore speak the same language in terms of the equipment used in their production, that is to say vinification cellars and enological tools, and in terms of their period of availability, which is all year round.