Holiday Farm in province of Lucca

Holiday Farm in province of Lucca

Born of the happy intuition of a few farsighted independent farmers, who decided to supplement their income by using the farm facilities to offer hospitality.

Within just a few years agriturismo has become an economic reality of some importance in the province of Lucca, as well as a precious resource for the region.

A situation which contributes to the development of the local economy from the point of view of interaction between different sectors, and which, more than others, sticks to the aims of environmental sustainability, supporting the guardianship of the region, the safeguarding of the water systems and the control of land consumption.

The agriturismo, moreover, constitutes in its own right a genuine marketing operation for the region, in as much as it represents an attractive element which further enriches the already ample tourist package, answering an ever more pressing demand (both nationally and internationally): that of tourism linked to the discovery of natural and environmental beauty as well as cultural, popular and gastronomic/wine traditions.

Indeed, an agriturismo holiday is ideal for rediscovering a taste for real contact with nature, to treat yourself to an improved wellbeing both of mind and body, to eat healthily and to discover hidden gems of artistic and natural beauty.

In the last decade we have witnessed in our province a growing increase in the number of beds available, alongside a growth in quality of the services provided.

The agriturismo owners have invested a great deal of capital in the renovation and upgrading of the buildings used for agriturismo, reaching appreciably higher levels.

An effort which has been matched by the undertaking of the Lucca Chamber of Commerce, which always accompanied the development of agriturismo with promotional initiatives, economic support and training.

Initiatives such as this updated publication: a guide to the discovery of the agriturismo operators of Lucca and the surrounding plains, of the Serchio river valley, Garfagnana and of the Versilia coast.

A guide to the discovery of the region, and with this the environment, culture, tradition and traditional local agricultural produce.

Claudio Guerrieri
President of the Chamber of Commerce of Lucca