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The zone in the map is merely approximate

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The agriturismo, located in the Capanne di Caprignana, is surrounded by the Apennine mountains. Guests stay in four comfortably furnished apartments in two distinct buildings with a shared barbecue area. During the spring and summer period it is possible to pick tasty vegetables grown on the farm. Nearby you can do a wide variety of sports: trekking, enduro motorcycling, mountain biking, or go for long walks along the many trails, where you can easily find Porcini mushrooms, birds, the rare griffon or delicious berries. Fishing enthusiasts can fish for trout in the nearby Vicaglia lake. Not to be missed is a visit to the Orecchiella national park to see the local fauna.

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Loc. Alpe di Caprignana
55038 Caprignana S. Romano di Garfagnana - LU
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