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Mappa dell'Agriturismo


The zone in the map is merely approximate

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The agriturismo is situated in the hills at 600 m above sea level, between the towns of Trassilico and Verni, which are ancient medieval fortifications. The agriturismo consists of two apartments which have been renovated while maintaining their original characters, equipped with kitchen, small living room with fireplace, two bedrooms and bathroom to sleep a total of eight people. Lara Togneri, the owner, produces chestnut flour, made by drying the chestnuts in ancient metati - barns specially built for this purpose. On this subject she also organises a series of interesting lessons on the chestnut and all of its uses. For relaxation you can go for long walks in the nearby woods, go trekking or on guided visits of the Garfagnana (Monte Forato, the Panie massif and the Grotta del Vento cave system).

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Loc. Campiglia
55027 Verni Gallicano - LU
Tel. +39 0583 767010
Cel. +39 347 6146841