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Founded in 1911, the farm, thanks to the passion handed down from father to son, has specialised in the production of olives, oil, wine and the noted speciality Cinta Senese pigs which are reared strictly as if in the wild. Guests can stay in total relaxation in a cottage surrounded by an enormous garden and majestic olive trees, from where you can admire the beautiful hills. Furthermore, next to the owner’s cottage, there is a little house available, reclaimed from an old hay barn, with a veranda. The swimming pool is practically set into the rugged hillside, with a breathtaking panorama in front of it. Food enthusiasts can take part in guided tastings of the farm products and, by booking in advance,you can also dine from the menu which is rich in extravagant specialities.

Wine productionProduction of extra virgin olive oilOther agricultural food productionTasting and buying of farm produceApartmentsRestaurant serviceFacility with swimming poolLegend

Via di Castagnori, 1490/A
55050 Castagnori Lucca - LU
Tel. +39 0583 1646348
Cel. +39 349 1334983